The Modules You’ll Love.
We think macrosites is awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Have a look at some of our favorite modules, and learn how to build the site of your dreams with macrosites. Sign up to build your site.
Social Networking
Create Your Own On-line Community, with Your Rules and with Your Branding. While Facebook and Google + are the biggest social networks in the world and it's easy to create your own page using their tools, there are several reasons why having your own community makes a better sense:
  1. Nobody can remove your community
  2. Define the rules for how your community works
  3. Control the privacy of the community members
  4. Design the community as you want
  5. Develop custom features fully integrated with your website
  6. Don't depend on availability and up-time of external services
  7. You can integrate the community with other systems
... and you can always connect your community with Facebook, Twitter and other sites.
Content management system
With powerful multi-site management, you can manage all your websites from a single place, and deploy new sites in a matter of hours. Whether you need a corporate site, online store, microsite or online community, rest assured the project will be quick to produce, without sacrificing quality.
The scenarios shown above are supported out-of-the-box, allowing you to avoid costly development and integration costs. macrosites allows you to build community sites easily. Introduce new ideas through blogs, get feedback from your clients, create focus groups or empower members to help each other through discussion forums.
macrosites contains a very advanced CRM solution that is fully integrated with the e-Commerce and Community features. This helps you to easily manage your user base information and communicate better with your customers, prospects, community members etc.

360 View of Leads, Prospects & Entities and Contacts
- Global Search
- Restricted Data Access
- User Roles
- Quotation Management
- Opportunity Management
- Activity Management
- Stock Items or Product File
- Bulk Update of Records
- Price Lists
- Category Band Discounts
- Accounts Integration & Web Services Integration Options
- MS Exchange Synchronization
- Workflow
- Multiple Languages
- Target Lists
- Custom Filters, Fields, Sections, Tabs & Lists
and more….
E-commerce, Classifieds
Turn your community site into a lively marketplace that sells 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! With an e-commerce empowered online community, your customers can interact with you and each other like never before. To become a member of your community will literally pay off to its members.
Events allow you to display specific date related information in a calendar style. It can be used not only for events, but also for news, articles, blog posts or any other document type that contains a date field.
The Booking module allows you and the community members to add events and to display  them in an event calendar together with a registration form. You can use it for both off-line and on-line events, such as conferences, webinars, presentations or community meetings. Visitors can Sign Up for Events On-line.
You can create multiple media libraries where you can store images, music, video, PDFs, presentations or even Flash or Silverlight applications. You can insert these files into the text or display them as galleries. The content of your media libraries may be uploaded by site visitors, site members or group members.
Using macrosites, your community members can add, and edit article posts through the web site front-end with remarkable ease and efficiency. They can add pictures and videos into their articles to make them attractive looking.
With macrosites you and your community members can publish blogs and receive reader's comments. You can effectively organize blog posts using categories and tags. The blogs on your community site thus have well-arranged, clear structure and are more attractive to visitors.
Forums are often the core of every community. You can use them to start discussions between you and your audience or between audience members. macrosites comes with full-featured forums that support:
  • moderation
  • private forums
  • e-mail notifications
  • forum search
  • file attachments
  • quoting
  • BB-code formatting
  • and others.
Message Boards
Message boards represent a simple alternative to forums. You can use them for comments of your articles and other content. Moreover, the message boards enable product reviews with rating. Similarly to Forums, they can also be moderated.
A knowledge base is an information repository that provides a means for information to be collected, organized, shared, searched and utilized by your community.
Online payments
macrosites allows your customers to perform on-line payments including payments by credit card. The following payment options are available out of the box:
  • PayPal
  • Authorize.NET
  • off-line payments
  • payment using credits (for loyalty programs)
Private Messaging
Send Private Messages to Other Site Members. Private Messaging is a communication tool similar to e-mail. Its advantage is that users of your website can communicate on the website, without knowing each other's e-mail address and without disclosing the message to other site members.
Content rating
Get Feedback on Your Content. The Content Rating module allows site visitors to rate articles, blog posts, products and any other content type. It gives you feedback on what people like and what they're most interested in. It does not matter whether you are a group of basketball teams or International association of coffee makers just choose right modules, design template and your community will build the rest.
Complete list of features (alphabetically)
Abuse Reporting
Bad Words
Booking System
Contact Management
Content Management System
Content Personalization
Content Rating
Custom Tables
Customizable Roles
Detailed Documentation
Development Productivity
Downloadable Products (e-products)
Easy Deployment
Email Marketing
Event Calendar
Extensibility and API
Files, Images and Video
Friendly URLs
Full-text Search
Google Maps
Google Sitemap
Image Gallery
Intranets, Portals & Collaboration
Media Libraries
Message Boards
Mobile Website Support
Multilingual Content
Multiple Languages
Multi-site Management
On-line Communities
On-line Forms
On-line Marketing
On-line Payments
Online Stores
Open API
Page Templates
Portal Engine
Private Messaging
Project Management
Rapid Browser-Based Development
RSS/Atom/XML Syndication
Scalability and Performance
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Security and Membership
Shipping Providers
Shopping Cart
Social Networking
Staging and Synchronization
Taxes Calculation
User Interface Personalization
User Profiles
Visual Studio Integration
Web Analytics
Web Parts
Web Standards
WebDAV Support
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